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K-FAP (Keerti Certified Financial Accounting Program)

Duration 3 Months(75 Hrs.)

Keerti Certified Financial Accounting Program

Course Overview

Objective: Keerti Certified Course in Financial Accounting Program is designed for Commerce Students. This course will prepare the student to be able to carry out day to day accounting requirement in all three forms of companies such as Manufacturing, Trading as well as Service oriented. This course imparts students with knowledge in financial reporting concepts and practices and makes them appraise the issues and constructively criticize current practices. This course is also referred to as K FAP

Tools to BE Used (Tally Prime)

Duration: 3 Months(75 Hrs.)

1. Fundamentals of Accounting
2. Journalizing and Posting of Transaction
3. Maintaining Chart of Accounts in Tally.ERP 9
4. Application Software

1. Fundamentals of Inventory Management
2. Inventory Management
3. Recording Day to Day Transactions
4. Accounts Receivable and Payable Management

1. Setting up Banking features
2. Cheque Management
3. Bank Reconciliation
4. Handling e Payment In Tally Erp9.0
5. Update Bank details in Tally ERP 9.0
6. Allocation and Tracking of Expenses and Incomes

1. Types Of MIS Reports in Tally ERP 9.0
2. MIS Reports in Tally ERP 9.0
3. Inventory Reports

Advanced Inventory
1. Storage and Classifications of Inventory
2. Management of Purchase and Sales Cycles
3. Price Levels and Price Lists
4. Manufacturing Process

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
1. Basic Concept of TDS
2. TDS Process
3. Activation TDS in Tally ERP 9.0
4. TDS Statutory Master
5. Recording Transactions

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
1. Introduction
2. Intrastate Supply of Goods
3. Interstate Supply of Goods
4. Returns of Goods
5. Supplies Inclusive of Tax
6. Tax Rates Master
7. GST Reports
8. Input Tax Credit Set Off
9. GST Tax Payment
10. Exporting GSTR-1
11. Advanced Entries under GST
12. Reverse Charge under GST
13. Accounting Exempted Services under GST

Data Security
1. Securing Financial Information
2. Data Management and Financial Year End Process
3. Printing Reports

Advance Tally ERP 9.0 Using GST

1. Download Tally Prime Setup File
2. Tally Prime Installation, Company Creation, Alteration, Deletion
3. Tally Prime Ledgers Creation
4. Tally Prime Inventory Creation, Stock Items, Groups, Units)

1. Bill Wise details
2. Cost Centre & Cost Categories
3. Voucher Class & Cost Centre Class
4. Multiple Currency
5. Interest Calculation
a. Simple b. compound
6. Budgets & Controls
7. Scenario Management

1.Order Processing Reorder Levels
2.Tracking Number Batch- wise Details
3.Rejection in/Out
4.Delivery & Receipt Note
5.Additional Cost Details Bill of Materials (BOM)
6.Price Levels and Price Lists Stock Valuation
7.Stock Journal & Physical Journal
8.Different Actual and Billed Quantities
9.Zero Valued Entries
10.Stock Valuation
11.Point Of Sale
-Single Payment Mode -Multiple Payment Mode -Invoice Printing

Tally Prime with Banking
1.Cheque Book Configuration in Tally Prime
2.Banking Transaction Types
3.Post Dated Cheque Management
4.Post Dated Cheque Note Video
5.BRS Note
6.Bank Reconciliation

1.TDS Process
2.Enabling TDS in Tally Prime
3.Creating TDS Masters
4.TDS Deduction
5.Payment of TDS in Tally Prime
6.Form 26Q
7.TDS Outstanding
8.TDS Reports

1.Basic Concept of TCS
2.Enabling TCS in Tally Prime
3.Sales of TCS Goods at Lower Rate & Nil Rated
4.TCS on Transfer of Right to Use
5.Payment of TCS
6.TCS Reports
7.Form 27EQ
8.Saving Form 27EQ

Tally Prime with JOB COSTING
2.Features of Job Costing
3.Enabling Job Costing
4.Creating Required Masters
5.Creating Ledgers for Job Costing
6.Recording of Job Costing Related Transactions
7.Job Costing Reports
8.Job Work Analysis Report
9.Materials Consumption Summary Report
10.Comparative Job Work Analysis Report

Tally Prime with JOB WORKS
2.Features of Job Order Processing in Tally Prime
3.Configuring Job Order Processing in Tally Prime
4.Company Setup
5.Enabling Job Order Processing
6.Voucher Type Setup
7.Job Order Processing
8.Job Work Out Order
9.Job Work in Order
10.Job Order Reports
11.Job Work Out Reports

Tally Prime with MIS Reports
2.Advantages of Management Information Systems
3.MIS Reports in Tally Prime
4.Trial Balance
5.Balance Sheet
6.Profit and Loss Account
7.Cash Flow Statement
8.Ratio Analysis
9.Books and Reports
10.Day Book
11.Receipts and Payments
12.Purchase Register
13.Sales Register
14.Bills Receivable and Bills Payable

Tally Prime with Payroll
1.Introduction to Payroll
2.Payroll In Tally Prime
3.Enable Payroll in Tally Prime
4.Payroll Transaction
5.Generate Pay Slips

Tally Prime with GST
1.Activation of GST in Tally Prime
2.Accounting of GST Transactions
3.Purchase from URD
5.Advance Receipt and Payments
6.Mixed Supply & Composite Supply under GST
7.MRP Transaction
8.Defining GST Rate - Slab Rate or Price Range
9.Accounting of Supply of Services
10.Input Credit
11.GST Tax payment
12.GST Reports & GSTR-1 & 2
13.GSTR 3B
14.Filling of GSTR-1 (Excel Format)