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Spoken English Program

Duration 3 Months

Learn Spoken English Language Program

Course Overview

Objective: English is the language of knowledge, computers, and business. English is the foremost language of Books, Newspapers, Science and Technology, Sport, International Competitions, Music, Advertising, etc. The list is endless and so are the rewards!

Duration: 3 Months

Level-01 > Beginners Module

1. Basics of Communication
2. Basic Grammar
3. Introduction to Vocabulary
4. Phrases for Daily-life Conversation

Level-02 > Advance Module

1. Introduction to Advanced Grammar
2. Effective Speaking Techniques
3. Intermediary Phrases for Daily-life Conversation
4. Learning Phonics at Home

Level-03 > Business Communication Module

1. English spoken in today's Corporate
2. Learn Idioms & Phrases
3. Verb plus Preposition Sentences
4. Advance situational Phrases for Business Conversation