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K-GST (Keerti Certified Goods and Services Tax)

Duration 2 Months

Keerti Certified Goods and Services Tax

Course Overview

Objective: Keerti Certified Goods and Service Tax aims to facilitate the members in industry as well in practice by providing specialized and updated knowledge in the area of GST in a systematic manner while enhancing analytical and problem solving skills for decision making. This course is also referred to as KGST

Duration: 2 Months

Introduction to GST

1. Basic Concept of GST
2. Why GST
3. Present tax VS GST
4. Understanding GST Taxation System

1. GSTIN Structure
2. Voluntary / Mandatory Registration
3. Threshold Limit for Registration
4. Turnover for Threshold Limit

Supply of Goods & Services
1. Place of Supply
2. Time of Supply
3. Value of Supply

GST On Goods & Services
1. Interstate Supply of Goods & Supply
2. Returns of Goods
3. Supplies Inclusive of Tax
4. Cancellation of Services
5. Defining Tax Rates at Master and Transaction level
6. GST Reports (GSTR-1 & GSTR-2)
7. Input Tax credit Set Off
8. GST Tax Payment
9. Challan Reconciliation
10. Exporting returns and uploading to GSTIN

Recording Advanced Entries (Goods)
1. Purchase from Composition & Unregistered Dealers
2. Exports & imports
3. Exports & imports
4. SEZ Sales
5. Advance Receipts and Payments

GST Adjustment and Return Filing

1. Mixed Supply &Composite Supply Under GST
2. GST Reports
3. Input Tax Credit Set Off
4. GST Tax Payment
5. Exporting GSTR-1 on GST Portal

Recording Advanced Entries (Services)

1. Outward Supplies
2. Time of Supply of Services
3. Place of Supply of Services
4. Exempt Supply of Services under GST
5. Export Supply of Services
6. Reverse Charge on Services

Advanced Receipt from Customers under GST
1. GST Reports
2. GST Tax Payment
3. Input Tax Credit Set Off
4. Exporting GSTR-1 on GST Portal

Migration to Tally.ERP 9
1. Migration to Tally.ERP 9.0 Release 6.3
2. Activate GST in Tally ERP.9
3. Set up GST Rates
4. Update Masters
5. Update Party GSTIN/UIN
6. Creation of GST Duty ledgers