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K-DVA (Keerti Certified Course in Data Visualization and Analysis)

Duration: 160 Hrs. (6 Months)


Course Overview

Objective: Data visualization techniques allow people to use their perception to better understand this data. The goal of this course is to introduce students to data visualization including both the principles and techniques.

Advance Excel
1.BASIC Microsoft Excel
2.Advanced File Tasks
3.Working with Functions and Formulas
4.Managing Tables in Microsoft Excel
5.Data Tools in Excel
7.Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals
8.What-If Analysis
9.Advanced PivotTables & Charts
10.Advanced Excel Tasks
11.Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
12.Advanced Conditional Formatting
13.Advanced Lookup Functions
14.Advanced Functions in Excel

Macros with VBA
1.Macro recording
2.Visual Basic Editor
3.Understanding Objects, Methods, Properties and Variables
4.Control Structures-Decision
5.VBA Functions
7.Looping Structures
8.User Forms and GUI
9.Error Handling
10.Add ins

1.Getting Started with Access
2.Working with Table Data
3.Querying a Database
4.Using Forms
5.Generating Reports
6.Designing a Relational Database
7.Sharing Data Across Applications

1.MySQL Configuration
2.MySQL Basics
3.Configuring PHP My Admin for SQL usage
4.Inserting Data in MySQL via PHP Forms
5.Updating Data in MySQL via PHP Forms
6.Deleting Data in MySQL via PHP Forms
7.Selecting or Retrieving Data From MySQL and Displaying on PHP Forms

Learner Outcome
1.Web Page Design
2.Front End Designer
3.UI Designer

Power BI
1.POWER BI - Introduction
2.POWER BI - Installation Steps
3.POWER BI - Architecture
4.POWER BI - Supported Data Sources
5.POWER BI - Comparison With Other Bi Tools
6.POWER BI - Data Modeling
7.POWER BI - Dashboard Options
8.POWER BI - Visualization Options
9.POWER BI - Excel Integration
10.POWER BI - Sharing Power Bi Dashboards
11.POWER BI - Dax Basics In Power Bi

1.Getting Started With Tableau
2.Tableau Interface
3.Chart Types
4.Data Visualization
6.Data Formatting
7.Advanced Functionalities
9.Advanced Charts
11.Online Introduction
12.Publish Reports

Dashboard Designing
1.Introduction to Excel Dashboards
2.Excel Table in Dashboards
3.Using Custom Number Formatting
4.Using Symbols in Excel Dashboards
5.Conditional Formatting for Dashboards
6.Spark lines in Excel Dashboards
7.Data ready for Excel Dashboards
8.Excel Dashboard formulas
9.Excel Charts for Dashboards (Advance Concept)
10.Pivot table Dashboard with Slicers

Reporting Techniques
1.Understanding Raw Data
2.Understanding Reporting
3.Creating Calculation Sheets
4.Working With Charts and Tables
5.Reports using Advanced Charting Techniques
6.Reports Using Pivot Table, Pivot Charts
7.Creating Dashboards using Slicers