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Keerti Computers - Your Ultimate Source for Computer Skill Training

Keerti Computers - Your Ultimate Source for Computer Skill Training

Keerti Computers is a premier Educational Institution focusing on Computer-based Learning. It has a rich legacy of 20+ years, and overall exposure of the students regarding the industry.
A core team of experienced trainers and academicians, make sure that updated, high-quality curriculum and career guidance is delivered every time, to create the IT professionals the industry needs and deserves.

Objectives and Vision
It has a vision of empowering and training the youth of India into skilled professionals who are ready to handle a diverse variety of job profiles in the IT sector. The emphasis is on learning based on the real-world application of software for Designing, Accounting, and Taxation, Website Development, Programming, Networking and more.

In-Depth Training
Keerti Computers has a very detailed syllabus for each of its training modules that enables students to gain complete mastery over the various facets of information technology. Apart from theoretical classroom training, practical demonstrations and practice is extensively used to get the best out of the students. Modules for soft skills and English are also provided to make students employable and future ready.

Experienced Training Faculty
Keerti Computers has highly experienced team of trainers, who provide each student with personal attention. They also make sure that all information received by the students is up-to-date, and understood the way it is supposed to be. They help with career guidance, all the while creating skilled IT professionals through affordable and high-quality education.

Diverse Modules of Learning
Keerti Computers offers students a number of learning programs in the disciplines of software, hardware, programming, and English.

In software, you can learn from the basic MS-CIT and Tally to advanced courses in office automation, graphics, and financial accounting. If you so choose, you can even go for programming courses in computer application, web designing, Java, NET, etc.

Comprehensive courses on networking and hardware are also available.

Placement Assistance
The courses at Keerti Computers are aimed towards the needs of the IT industry. This means that students benefit from such a syllabus and the practical knowledge gained in this way. Keerti Computers has a wide-reaching network within the industry, which is used to assist students to get job placements immediately after course completion. With so much for you to gain, if you are interested in a career in Information Technology, Keerti Computers is the place to be!

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