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K-ITPRO (Keerti Certified Information Technology Program)

Duration:11 Months

Keerti Certified Advanced Office Automation, Financial Accounting & Graphics Designing

Course Overview

Objective: Keerti Certified Information Technology program provides basic training of computer and its most common software used in office work. The trainee would be efficient and creative, in designing and deploying graphical and animation based vivid presentations in various animatronics. This course is most beneficial for beginners and it is a career-oriented course which empowers self-employment. This course is also referred to as K-ITPRO

Duration: 11 Months

Fundamentals & OS
1. Computer Competency
2. System Software
3. Windows OS
4. Application Software

MS Office 2013
1. MS-Word 2013
2. MS-Excel 2013
3. MS-PowerPoint 2013
4. MS-Outlook 2013

Internet & Web
1. Overview of working on the Internet/ Overview of how Internet works/ Working of the Internet
2. World Wide Web
3. Email

Graphics Designing
1. CorelDraw
2. Photoshop

Adv. Graphic Designing
1. Illustrator
2. InDesign

Adv. Excel 2013
1. Advanced File Tasks
2. Working with Formulas and Functions
3. Managing Tables in Microsoft Excel
4. Data Tools in Excel
5. Sparkline
6. Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals
7. What-If Analysis
8. Advanced PivotTables & Charts
9. Advanced Excel Tasks
10. Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
11. Advanced Conditional Formatting
12. Advanced Lookup Functions
13. Advanced Functions in Excel

Advance Tally ERP 9.0 Using GST

User Interface and Company Management
1. Introduction to Tally ERP9
2. Creating a Company
3. Data Path for Tally ERP9 Companies
4. Altering and Deleting Company

Ledgers & Groups
1. Understanding Ledgers
2.Creating Ledgers
3.Creating Multiple Ledgers
4.Altering and Deleting Ledgers

Inventory in Tally.ERP 9
1.Stock Groups and Categories
2. Godowns/Locations
3. Units of Measure
4. Stock Items

Accounting Vouchers
1. Contra Vouchers
2. Payment Voucher
3. Receipt Voucher
4. Journal Voucher
5. Sales Vouchers
6. Pre-defined Voucher Types in Tally.ERP 9
7. Alter a Pre-defined Voucher Type

Advance Inventory in Tally.ERP 9
1. Cost of Purchases
2. Stock Categories
3. Order Processing: Sales & Purchase Order
4. Use Standard Rate for Stock Item
5. Stock Summary/ Stock Transfer
6. Tracking Numbers: Delivery Notes, Receipt Notes.
7. Rejection Inward/Rejection Outward
8. Batch Wise details
9. Additional Cost Details
10. Bill of Material(BOM)
11. Different Actual and Bill quantities
12. Price Levels and Price Lists
13. Stock Valuation
14. Zero Valued Entries
15. Point of Sales(POS)

Advanced Accounting in Tally.ERP9
1. Bill-wise Details, Cost/Profit Center Management
? Credit Period/Trade Discount/Cash Discount
2. Cost Centers and Cost Categories
3. Voucher Classes and cost center class
4. Multiple Currencies
5. Interest Calculation
6. Bank Reconciliation
7. Cheque Printing
8. Budgets and Controls
9. Scenario Management

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
1. About Goods and Services Tax (GST)
2. Activating Tally in GST
3. Setting Up GST (Company Level, Ledger Level or Inventory Level)
4. GST Taxes & Invoices
5. Understanding SGST, CGST & IGST
6. Creating GST Masters in Tally

Purchase Voucher with GST
1. Updating GST Number for Suppliers
2. Practical on Intra-State Purchase Entry in GST (SGST + CGST)
3. Practical on Inter-State Purchase Entry in GST (IGST)
4. GST Purchase Entry for Unregistered Dealer in Tally
5. Accounting for return of Goods (With Credit Notes)
6. Reverse Charge Mechanism Entry for GST in Tally

Sales Voucher with GST
1.Updating GST Number for Suppliers
2. Practical on Intra-State Sales Entry in GST (SGST + CGST)
3. Practical on Inter-State Sales Entry in GST (IGST)
4. Accounting for return of Goods (With Credit Notes)

GST in Services
1. Basic of Services ( Accounts only)
2. Creating Masters?
3. Recording Transactions

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
1. Understanding TDS
2. Creating TDS Masters
3. Practical Examples
4. TDS Payment
5. Tax Reports and Tax Forms

Reports in Tally ERP 9
1.Analysing Purchase and Sales Register
2. Analysing Debit and Credit Note
3. Overdue Payables and Receivables
4. Stock Valuation
5. Stock transfer Report (Physical Stock & Shortage)
6. Cash Book & Bank Book
7. Trial Balance
8. Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
9. Working Capital
10. Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statements

Utilities in Tally ERP 9
1.Multi Language
2. Data Backup and Restore
3. Data Security & Audit

Invoice Printing In Tally ERP 9
1.Sales Invoice
2. Printing Payment and Receipt Vouchers
3. Printing Various Other Reports Module
4. Logo Printing on Sales Invoice

GST Adjustment and Returns
1.GSTR 1 & GSTR 2 in Tally 2. GSTR 1 Return Filing
3. Input Tax Credit Set Off
4. Challan Reconciliation
5. GST Tax Payment
6. Generating GSTR-3B Format